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The Argon

Revamped for 2019/20 season, it's kept all the key features that make it such a great stick and favorite for forwards and midfieders over the last 3 years, but now has the striking vibrant pink lettering and WCPs unique 'acid wash effect' with a matt finish. This isnt painted, this is soley the way we want to show of the weave.


What made it good?


The 'Groove head' technology to the head offers a concave profile combined with our textured finish giving you the edge for 3D skills, dribbling, hitting and aerials.


It's still a 95% Carbon 5% Kevlar has been optimised for both touch control and power. It's still got the 24.75mm low bow and same delightful balance point.


A contrasting white with pink stitching on WCP Branded PU cushion grip, ensures comfort and cushioning.


So what's new?


The Argon is finished with a sleek 'acid wash effect' 18K tow carbon weave, contrasting vibrant pink graphics in a Matt finish.

We've extended the touch compound on the head to give you more surface area.

Available in 35" 36.5” and 37.5” 520-540 grams


Shipped in a WCP embroidered protective stick sleeve



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