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WCP Hockey is commited to delivering the very finest of products.


We have 3 core values that we aim to encapsulate into all of our products:


              1. High Performance products.

              2. Exceptional quality

              3. Love the stick.

About Us: Woven Carbon Products

Purchasing from WCP  means you are buying direct from us, this means no distribution warehousing and retail outlets.


This allows us to pass considerable savings onto our rapidly growing customer base throughout the UK and Europe.


A favourable price doesnt mean you compromise.  In fact, quite the opposite

WCP only uses the finest Japenese Carbon Fibre, Military grade Kevlar, High purity Glass fibres alongside the latest resin technology allowing a well balanced stick that's high performance and light weight.

Woven Carbon Products: Uncompromised service & High Quality.

Performance. Precision. Price

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